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Zee Irwin Romance

It Happened Duo, Ebook set

It Happened Duo, Ebook set

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"Romance and spice, laughter and tears- this one has it all and culminates in a very happy ending." ~NinjaKris12, reviewer

Zee Irwin's fans can now read this two-book EBook set of steamy romance in one complete with bonus scene and epilogues.

By this time next year, I could have Rex saying I do and eating wedding cake out of my hands.

First, I fall for the billionaire:

My plan to move to New York City from my small town does not involve falling for the billionaire. But I do, every single time Rex Buchanan decides to come down from his corner office and enter my deli.

Now I seem to run into him everywhere, as if people are conspiring to put us in the same places at the same time. While he may grumble at everyone else, I think I’ve found a way into his softer side. Soon, I can hardly believe it, but I might reform the playboy bosshole and fall for him.

By this time next year, I could have Rex saying I do and eating wedding cake out of my hands.

Then I plan a wedding with the billionaire:

So much has happened since I moved to New York City to pursue my dream.
A new career I love? Check
Whirlwind romance with a billionaire? Check.
My future mother-in-law handing me a blank check to put on a huge formal wedding? Uh-oh.

I have to admit, I'm in a little over my head. I'm a small town girl and all I ever dreamt of was a simple wedding back home in Holly Creek. I have no idea how to plan a high society, elegant wedding at the Plaza Hotel. For Rex's sake I'm being a good girl and going along with it. But I'm spread thin, between wedding planning, my new job as the resident foodie/chef on a morning TV show, and my meddling producer causing a ruckus.

With Rex by my side, though, somehow I'll get through this because all I want is to be his wife.


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Author note: These books were originally published separately as It Happened One Christmas, and It Happened One Christmas Wedding, but can be read any time of year.

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