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Zee Irwin Romance

Single Santa: A Steamy Small Town Romance (Audiobook)

Single Santa: A Steamy Small Town Romance (Audiobook)

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"Zee Irwin took ALL the spice out of her cupboard for this Christmas story! Featuring a hot single dad, sometime stripper, Dillon and his former high school girlfriend, now hometown mayor, Meadow you will enjoy this second chance small town Christmas romance. Zee has a way of giving everyone the family they either wish they had or are all to dreadfully familiar with as supporting characters so you get to work out some of your own personal drama along with the characters in the book. In addition, she just writes the best damn heroes anywhere. They’re never too perfect, but they are always the kind of thoughtful and understanding man that every woman dreams of, and they’re sexy and good in bed too! You never finish one of her books without at least a little crush on her hero. Luckily Single Santa ends with a chapter that sets up the next book that will involve Dillon’s older brother Charles and his grumpy transformation, so there’s even more steamy goodness to look forward to! But don’t let the Christmas season pass without grabbing a mug of hot chocolate (spiked or no) and this steamy hot tale." Review by Huskygrl on Amazon.

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Enjoy this steamy small town holiday romance narrated by Matt Haynes and Meg Price.

When a struggling single father suddenly plays a sultry singing Santa, would an old flame and a Christmas wish make things right?

Dillon’s dreams of making it big on the country music scene shatter to pieces, but he receives no sympathy from his brother. Instead, Charles sends him on a mission to deliver some bad news to the mayor of their old hometown of Kissing Springs.

Only Dillon doesn’t plan on running into Meadow Boyd as the new mayor—and the sparks from their high school romance return.

Meadow has to live up to her campaign pledge of reinventing Kissing Springs as the romance capital of the South. While battling outside developers and doubting townsfolk, she also has to deal with the fact she hasn’t had a date in 365 days.

But who’s counting, especially when her high school crush shows up in town with all sorts of distractions and the possibility of a second chance?

One look into Meadow’s baby blue eyes and Dillon knows—he’ll work really hard to help her make all her dreams and plans come true in more ways than one.

When his manager proposes a new opportunity, the stage calls him back to perform. But could he leave his hometown just when his relationship with Meadow heats up—and right when he’s feeling at home again in Kissing Springs?


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Single Santa is the first book in Zee's Welcome to Kissing Springs Series:

Book 1: Single Santa (available in audiobook and ebook on Amazon)

Book 2: Sunshine & Secrets (available in ebook on Amazon)

Book 3: Bourbon & Bliss (available in ebook on Amazon)

Book 4: Midnight & Mischief (coming in 2024)

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